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Wohnungen in der Türkei vom Bau-Unternehmen

RestProperty bietet Ihnen die besten Wohnungen in der Türkei zu Preisen ab nur 30.000 €. In der tat gibt es eine große Auswahl an Immobilien zu unterschiedlichen Preisen.  Heutzutage ist der Kauf einer  Wohnung  eine der besten Möglichkeiten Ihr Geld zu investieren. Die Auswahl ist enorm! Angefangen von Single-Zimmer-Wohnungen  vor allem in Neubau Projekten. 

Die türkischen 2 Zimmer -Wohnung bestehen aus einem Wohnzimmer kombiniert mit einer amerikanischen Küche und ein separates Schlafzimmer. In jeden modernen türkischen 2 Zimmer-Wohnungen  gibt es ein Badezimmer, einen Flur und eine Balkon. 2 + 1 Wohnungen sind eine der am meisten gesuchten Wohnungstypen. Solche Wohnungen verfügen über zwei Schlafzimmer, ein Wohnzimmer, entweder mit Küche oder mit einer separaten Küche. Wenn Sie wirklich Interesse am Kauf einer Immobilie an der Mittelmeerküste haben, sollten Sie die Auswahl der Eigenschaft, die Sie benötigen Profis anvertrauen.

Manager der Immobilien Firma RestProperty werden alle Ihre Wünsche und Anforderungen auf der Suche nach Ihrer Wunschimmobilie berücksichtiigen. Neben Beratung, bieten wir auch eine breite Palette von  After-Sales-Dienstleistungen, als auch den Weiterverkauf oder zur vermietung Ihrer Immobilie.

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Choosing the right apartment

Whe you come to us, we will draw up the list of the necessary documents for arranging the deal, and prepare them based entirely on your situation.

Making a real estate investment with our assistance, not only do you receive the benefit of professional approach and high-quality service, but also only the most value-enhancing objects are brought to your attention. Whether you would like to live in the city centre, or by the sea on the closed territory of a housing estate with own pool, we guarantee to deliver in the most cost-efficient and timely manner.

Most Turkish apartments are for sale completely decorated: finished floors, installed interior doors, built-in kitchen furniture, built-in bathroom fixtures, lighting, and air-conditioners. A full set of household appliances is usually included in the price by the developers, while upholstered furniture is for you to choose and can be installed before you move in. The higher the floor, the higher the price. Most expensive apartments are located at the seaside where windows face south or north, east and west.

What should you know when purchasing an apartment in Turkey?

We advise you to pay attention to the fact that prices for apartments will differ according to their condition. An important thing is the view from all windows, so the view to the sea will of course influence the price in the same way as the distance to the city centre or to the coast. Thus we advise you to pay attention to these factors. Concerning the area of the housing complex, find out whether it is closed and whether 24hours security service is available. All these and many other factors influence the price, as every owner wants to live in a secure and safe apartment. Indoor or outdoor parking, and own swimming pool in the complex make life even better, yet they also affect the price for the apartment. This is especially important for apartments in Turkey. Our professionals will give you most valuable and important information about different issues, and you will make the decision.

Remember that once you have chosen some apartments, you always have the opportunity to come and see all the options in person, escorted by a certified real estate professional – our representative. You can also view other real estate options for sale on our website.

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