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Real estate maintenance costs in Turkey

Содержание недвижимостиMonthly or annual maintenance costs of apartments or villas depend on the infrastructure of complexes where they are located. They include cleaning, lighting in shared areas, pool service, sauna and fitness centre maintenance and so forth. You make payments to the managing director of the company, which is responsible for your complex. The concept of "housing and utilities services" is not common in Turkey, possible analogue of it is the 'complex service charge', and however it is fixed and doesn't depend on the number of people living in the apartment. The only extra costs on top of that are water and electricity bills – they are paid by the meter.

Minimal utilities charge of complex is €15 a month (if there is no pool and other extra services), maximum – €80 (complex with a pool). The more advanced the infrastructure in a complex, the higher the utilities charges (Turkish: aidat). Managing companies cannot start raising costs of services for no reason: on general meeting of residents once a year financial reporting is provided and only in case of shortage of means for maintenance costs can increase.

Average charges for upkeeping a standard two-bedroom flat:

Electricity charges – €25-75.

Water charges – €10.

Gas charges (if present) – €28.

Gas is normally bought in reservoirs from the specialised companies, who deliver and change them when necessary.

Annual real estate tax is €50.

The annual real estate tax depends on cadastral value, which is usually below the market price. The city council or the developer establishes cadastral value during the submission stage. Annual tax can be calculated in advance or upon purchasing of real estate.

Food costs can be found in this section.

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