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Ownership registration procedure

Everything is really simple: you take your passport and a small amount of money for collateral and, most importantly, your dream "to buy a property in Turkey" - it means having a real house by the real sea. And then everything is very easy! Let's read everything carefully:

Certificate of ownership of a property

There is a unified system in the country regarding the registration of the necessary documents for the ownership of real estate. The cadastral department is the main state body that is engaged in the implementation of procedures related to the registration of documents on real estate. The validity and legality of the transaction are guaranteed directly at the state level. Each sale and purchase transaction is necessarily registered in a special register, where the acquiring person or organization receives a registration number that allows identifying the acquired property. Documents that reflect the fact of the sale or purchase of housing are stored in certain archives of the state administration of the land cadastre and the state registration chamber.

The only valid document confirming the ownership of a specific property is a "certificate of ownership of real estate" - or Tapu in Turkish. The owners of real estate objects have the right to act as individuals or groups of persons, and as legal entities.

Notary offices in Turkey, as well as Turkish notaries, do not have special power to conclude, execute transactions for the sale and purchase of real estate, as well as register them. The notary is only allowed to certify the sales and purchase agreements that stipulate the terms of payment, as well as the value of the transaction.

The procedure for registering the acquisition of a property

To complete any transaction for the sale and purchase of apartments, the following documents are required:

  • 1
    An agreement for the sale and purchase of a house, apartment or any other property.

    This contract is made between a seller and a buyer of a property. As intermediaries in the sale and purchase, the consultants will attest to the fact of the transaction.

    The contract must necessarily contain such conditions as:
    • Information about a seller and a buyer
    • Information about a real estate object that is a subject of the contract (floor planning, construction features, date of commissioning of a building, etc.)
    • Payment conditions
    • Obligations of the selling and buying parties
    • Legislative and legal procedures
    Required documents:
    • Three photographs (their size should be 3x4 cm)
    • Two copies of a passport or ID card
    • Surnames of a mother and a father, their names both from the side of a buyer and from the side of a seller
  • 2
    Obtaining a so-called individual taxpayer number

    When is an individual taxpayer number obtained? It can usually be obtained immediately upon presentation of your passport at any local tax office. The presence of such a number is a prerequisite when registering any real estate object, when opening a bank account, as well as when concluding agreements on the provision of telephone services that we need, and so on.

  • 3
    Opening a bank account

    A bank account in the name of a buyer can be opened at any Turkish bank. As a result, the procedure for transferring money to pay for a purchased item is greatly simplified. In addition, it is possible to minimize the various routine hassles of paying water, electricity and telephone bills by instructing a bank to automatically make such payments using your bank account.

  • 4
    At the request of a client, a notarial power of attorney can be drawn up

    Any buyer of property has the opportunity to entrust the management of all affairs (official procedures) on his behalf to a real estate consultant. This can be the submission of documents to the state registration chamber, payment of all subscriber bills, for example, for telephone services and electricity. In addition to the consultant, a power of attorney can be issued to another person specified as a representative of a buyer himself. The main thing is that there is a notarized power of attorney drawn up for a consultant or other person.

  • 5
    Required permits from various government agencies

    We are talking about an official request for the alienation of ownership of a certain real estate object, which is submitted to the state registration chamber (its local branch) of a district or territorial-administrative entity within which the agreed object is located. The purpose of submitting such a request is to confirm that the property being purchased is not located in territory owned by the army and used by it for its own needs. Currently, there is no longer the need to obtain permission from the military department on the territory of Turkey, if a request for the purchase of objects on the same site has already been considered at someone's request at least once since May 5, 2011. Thus, in the overwhelming majority of cases, the process of obtaining a permit is formal and does not take 6-8 weeks, as before, but several days.

  • 6
    Transfer of property ownership to an owner

    After receiving all the necessary permits, which are provided by state bodies, the long-awaited ownership of a certain property is transferred to a buyer from a seller directly at the offices of the state registration chamber. The presence of an officially accredited translator is mandatory. A similar procedure can be carried out by a representative authorized by a buyer or a seller, or by both parties, if there is a notarized power of attorney.

Sale of a property and its transfer to be inherited

At any suitable time, an acquired property can be sold at the desired price, and the funds received from the sale can be freely transferred abroad. The solution of issues related to the redistribution of a property rights that arise as a result of, for example, the death of an owner of a property, is carried out in accordance with a will drawn up in the presence of an accredited translator at the state land registry office.

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